What Are the Benefits of using Skyco's Employee Staffing Program?

Skyco Staffing is used by companies who do not have time, or choose to not have the hassle of human resources services. These staffing companies hire your employees and lease them back to you. They then handle all aspects of payroll, taxes, benefits,insurance and more, freeing you up to run your company.

Time Saving Benefits

Skyco Staffing lifts the workload of the payroll and paperwork side of running a business off of the owner. When a company is growing, the owner spends his time hiring and training and managing new people. Payroll and human resources activities are time consuming. As employees are hired by the staffing company, technically they no longer work for the company. This means that issues such as workers compensation, keeping up with labor laws, and all human resource problems are handled by Skyco Staffing.

Money Saving Benefits

Skyco Staffing charges business owners a per employee fee with each payroll period. These fees are minor compared with the hourly cost of solving human resource problems, administering payroll, filing tax reports or paying accountants to do some of these tasks. In addition, any fines or penalties associated with payroll taxes become the responsibility of Skyco Staffing.

Employee Benefits

Skyco Staffing specializes in offering human resource services to your employees. Since Skyco Staffing offers HR services for many companies at the same time, they serve large groups of employees as though they are all under one roof. This enables a small company to offer such services as internet access to payroll, and automatic deposit of payroll checks. They are able to offer 401k savings programs, and high quality health insurance at large group reduced costs to your employees. All of this translates to attracting better quality employees, lowering your payroll cost, which helps a business owner to grow his business.

Personalized Service

At Skyco Staffing, We know the importance of customer service. That's why we make it our goal to make sure that we meet your staffing needs the first time and every time. Skyco Staffing is a Knoxville owned and operated company, which allows us to provide personalized service to our clients. We'll invest the time necessary to fully understand each of our client's needs, and the type of employees they need.
With Skyco Staffing, we can custom tailor our services to fit your particular needs. We believe in being honest and up front with each of our clients. Our clients? will never incur any hidden costs related to our associates. You will be charged only for the actual hours our employee works at your firm.

Accepting Applications For:

Accounting Clerk
Accounts Receivable / Payable Clerk
Administrative Assistant
Assembly Line
Banquet Servers
Billing Clerk
Call Center Representative
Customer Service
Data Entry Clerks

Food Servers
General Office Clerks
Hospitality Positions
Hotel Positions
Insurance Claims
Inventory Control
Legal Secretary
Light Industrial

Machine Operators
Management Trainees
Marketing Coordinators
Medical Secretary
Office / Clerical
Package Handling
Payroll Clerk
Plant Workers

Production Line
Sales Representative
Shipping / Receiving Clerks
Warehouse / Loading / Unloading
Word Processing
...and More